401-AB-S Introduction to Environmental Health & Safety Legislation and Reporting Requirements

  • 401-AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • $945.00

17-Apr-2018 and 18-Apr-2018

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

#600 9990 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5J 1P7

This course is designed to provide a good overview of Federal and Provincial environmental, health and safety legislation and how this legislation may impact your particular facility. The course will discuss Federal requirements on Day One and Alberta environmental regulatory reporting requirements on Day Two. The course includes a student handbook complete with regulatory references and guidance documents. Course content includes:

  • Federal Regulatory Bodies (Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Outline of Federal Legislation
  • Fisheries Act
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory
  • New Substance Notification Regulations
    • What is a New Substance
    • Notification Requirements
    • New Substance Fees
  • Chemical Management Plan
  • Ozone-Depleting Substances and Halcarbon Alternative Regulations
  • Federal Halocarbon Regulations
  • Environmental Emergency (E2) Regulations
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations
  • Export/Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulation
  • Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • Federal PCB Regulations
  • Canada Labour Code
  • Hazardous Products Act
  • Controlled Products Regulations
  • WHMIS 1988
  • Consumer Chemicals and Container Regulations, 2001
  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) [WHMIS 2015]
  • National Fire Code of Canada
  • Due Diligence
  • Provincial, Municipal Regulatory Bodies
  • Alberta Legislation
  • Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Regulations
  • Activities Designation Regulation
  • Approvals and Registration Procedure Regulation
  • Release Reporting Regulation
  • Substance Release Regulation
  • Ozone Depleting Substance Regulation
  • Waste Control Regulations
  • Climate Change and Emission Management Act
  • Specified Gas Reporting Regulation
  • Alberta Water Act and Regulations
  • Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations
  • Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code

Who should attend?

Facility Owners/Operators, Plant Managers and Engineers, Environmental Health & Safety Managers and Coordinators, R&D and Regulatory Affairs.