Waste Classification & Registration

LEHDER will help establish processes for waste regulations affecting generators of liquid industrial and hazardous wastes to effectively manage the classification, registration, transfer and disposal of these wastes in a prescribed manner.

Under waste regulations, including the Alberta Waste Control Regulations and Ontario Regulation 347, generators of liquid industrial and hazardous wastes must manage the classification, registration, transfer and disposal of these wastes in a prescribed manner. These wastes are regulated and monitored from the moment of generation to their ultimate destination; a term often referred to as "cradle to grave".


LEHDER can assist facilities with these requirements by:

  • Identifying waste streams
  • Conducting waste sampling and analysis of these streams
  • Classifying wastes
  • Assisting with annual waste registration requirements (e.g. O. Reg. 347 through HWIN)
  • Ensuring waste carriers are certified
  • Providing advice regarding proper manifest completion
  • Auditing of waste carriers, and waste treatment and disposal sites
  • Assist facilities with addressing and disposal restrictions of hazardous waste
  • Conducting training sessions, including customized in-house training programs
  • Creating a database system for tracking waste

Ontario Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN) and Land Disposal Restriction

All generators of hazardous wastes will need to ensure their HWIN registration reflects each specific waste stream and its characterization under O. Reg. 347.  Previously, if a facility had multiple hazardous waste streams with the same class code and physical state, only one registration could be entered into HWIN for all streams.

Effective August 20, 2007, HWIN has been upgraded to allow each generator to register each individual waste stream and its characterization in accordance with this regulatory requirement.

Note that O. Reg. 347 requires each waste stream to be registered.

Alberta Waste Control Regulations

Classification of hazardous waste in Alberta is regulated by the Waste Control Regulations.  The Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers was incorporated into the Regulations to assist in the classification of waste streams however; this User Guide can sometimes be in contradiction to the TDG Regulations.  LEHDER can be a valuable resource in assisting with the appropriate classification and shipping description to be used on a manifest to maintain compliance with both the Waste Control Regulations and TDG.

Waste Handling Must Follow TDG Requirements

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Helpful Web Links

Alberta Hazardous Waste Management

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MOE Document "Notice of the Storage of Subject Waste" - the MOE storage of subject waste requires completion of this Storage Report document.

MOE Document "Registration Guidance Manual for Generators of Liquid Industrial and Hazardous Waste"; Registration Guidance Manual - Appendices

Land Disposal Restrictions Handbook - MOECC Land Disposal Restrictions Handbook - MOECC (854 KB)


LEHDER offers regulatory training courses in Waste Generation & Transportation, please visit the Training section for details.

On-site regulatory training programs can be customized and delivered to meet a client's regulatory needs in Environmental, transportation, and workplace Health and Safety. LEHDER provides regularly scheduled courses at our facilities located in Point Edward, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.


For more detailed information on waste classification and registration support, please contact:

Mark Roehler