The Test Report

The Source Sampling Test Report should be a record of the experimental procedure and test results. The report must state the objectives of the experiment, the procedures to accomplish these objectives, results of the experiment and conclusions that may be drawn from the results.

LEHDER understands our client's expectations in regards to their Source Sampling Test Report.  Our report template provides concise, detailed information relative to all aspects of the Sampling Program.  Reports are submitted in both electronic and hard copy formats, dependent upon our client's requirements; each hard copy report is also submitted with a CD providing the electronic version.


Report Template Overview

The Source Sampling Test Report follows the basic template outlined below:

I. Presentation

A. Cover Page
Report Title
Organization requesting Source Sampling Program
Organization performing Sampling Program
Location and dates of Sampling Program

B. Table of Contents
List of Figures, Tables and Appendices

II. Report

A. Executive Summary of Results

B. Introduction
Company Profile
Test Objectives and Scope of Program
List of Key Personnel

C. Process Description
Description of entire process and the processes under the test specifications
Description of Control equipment
Description of Sources that were tested during Program

D. Test Methods
Sampling Method
Analytical Method
Modifications to method and approved justification

E. Results of Testing
Charts and Tables

F. Discussion of Results
Summary of problems encountered
Interpretation of results

G. Appendices
Copy of Approval or Permit
Test Log
Emission Calculation Spreadsheets
Laboratory Reports
Equipment Calibration Records
Data Sheets
Process/Production Sheets


For more detailed information on the Source Sampling Test Report, please contact:

Michael Denomme

Peter Pakalnis

Source Testing Source Testing (44 KB)