Mould Investigations

LEHDER can help industrial clients and building owners with potential mould problems. This can easily be addressed with our investigative services to ensure your workplace is safe from mould-related illness and adverse health effects.

The incidences of amplified mould growth in buildings are continually increasing.

Mould has the potential to cause illness and adverse health effects either by the release of mould spores into the air or by the production of substances known as mycotoxins. For this reason, it is important to prevent amplified mould growth and promptly remediate any existing mould growth.

Even though the Occupational Health and Safety Act does not specifically address moulds, an employer must take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of the worker.

How Do I Determine if I Have a Mould Problem?

A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible contamination problem. The use of equipment to measure relative humidity in the building or a moisture meter to measure moisture levels in building materials may be helpful in identifying hidden sources of fungal growth and the extent of water damage. Air sampling, surface sampling, bulk sampling and laboratory analysis are used to identify and document the type of mould present. This is particularly important when health concerns have been suspected.

How Can LEHDER Assist?

LEHDER utilizes the following procedures to support clients in their mould projects:

  • Visual inspections of workplaces and buildings by experienced mould assessors
  • Air sampling, surface sampling, bulk sampling and analysis to identify the type of mould growth present
  • Assessment of the contamination to determine the extent, types of materials affected and the root cause
  • Development of a remediation plan including mould removal procedures and recommendations to correct the cause of moisture problems
  • Post-removal assessments to determine the effectiveness of mould remediation


For more detailed information on mould project support services, please contact:

Marnie Freer

Penny McInnis

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