LEHDER Emissions Testing Team Resources

A full inventory of quality equipment and instrumentation is imperative to the success of an Emissions Testing Program. Annually, LEHDER reviews existing inventory and acquires new source testing equipment to ensure we have optimal resources available for our clients.

LEHDER's equipment resources are routinely maintained and calibrated in accordance with LEHDER's Standard Operating Procedures before and after each field project.  Equipment that does not meet operational or appearance specifications is repaired or discarded. We also continually source the latest technology and supplement our existing inventories as required.

For example, LEHDER has executed compliance sampling programs where as many as seven emission sources were sampled simultaneously to assess all related processes during designated time frames.  Simultaneous testing using multiple, cohesive, and well-equipped field teams represent a unique and valuable feature for many large industrial clients.

Emission Team Resources

LEHDER's resources inventory is extensive. By maintaining a comprehensive inventory, the Emissions Testing Team is able  to adequately handle any size or scope of project.

An overview of LEHDER's comprehensive inventory of emissions testing equipment and instrumentation is listed below:

Manual Testing Equipment

Manual testing equipment includes Method 5 control units, VOST/Method 30B control units, specialty glassware, heated filter boxes, impinge boxes, glass lined sampling probes/pitot tubes, thermocouples/thermocouple readouts nozzles (stainless steel, glass and quartz), umbilical cords, cyclone heads, various manometers and electronic micro-manometers.

    Instrumental Monitoring

    LEHDER`s CEMs and RATA testing is augmented by four fully equipped CEM trailers and various instrumentation, including NOx, SO2, CO2, CO, O2 and total hydrocarbons (THC) analyzers, sample conditioning and data acquisition system, Teflon heated lines, and EPA Protocol-1 gas cylinders.

      Specialty Equipment

      The Emission Testing Team Resources also include a list of specialty equipment including an 8 person 3-port odor paned, odor dilution sampling units, floating flux chambers and a mobile sample recovery laboratory, ensuring you have the most advanced equipment available to support your Emission Testing Program.


        For more detailed information about the resources available to the LEHDER Testing team, please contact:

        Michael Denomme

        Peter Pakalnis

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