Alberta AMD Chapter 7 Calibration Draft Amendment Posted

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Environment and Parks has amended AMD Chapter 7 Calibration based on feedback received from airsheds. A draft has been posted to the AMD website for 60-day public review. Comments/feedback must be submitted by June 27, 2018 to AMDFeedback@gov.ab.ca.

Chapter 7 Calibration is applicable to anyone who conducts continuous ambient air monitoring. The chapter sets out the minimum requirements for calibration of continuous ambient air analyzers and meteorological sensors. Section 1.1 “Amendments” outlines what changes have been made in this draft. You can access the draft from the AMD Public Review website: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation-and-policy/air-monitoring-directive/amd-public-review.aspx.

As well, you can access a recording of the April 17th AMD Q&A Webcast from the AMD website homepage: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation-and-policy/air-monitoring-directive/

The questions asked during the webcast, as well as some that came in via email after the webcast, have been posted with responses.

Air Monitoring Directive - Feedback
Air Policy | Alberta Environment and Parks
1st flr, Oxbridge Place, 9820 - 106 Street,
Edmonton AB T5K 2J6 | Tel: 780-427-6873

Updates to AEP's Review of the 1998 CEMS Code

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Updates to AEP's Review of the 1998 CEMS CodeAlberta Environment and Parks (AEP) had issued a solicitation for feedback regarding the 1998 Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Code; comments were accepted until July 19, 2017. The AEP has issued a follow-up email regarding the next steps in drafting the revision of the CEMS Code. This information is provided below, please note the email distribution lists you can join in order to receive forthcoming updates directly.

Thank you very much to those who provided comments and suggestions on the 1998 CEMS Code. We received a lot of feedback and were encouraged to see many common themes.

We have reviewed the feedback and will continue to use it as we work on completing a draft revised CEMS Code. We will not be providing responses to the comments submitted at this time. We will incorporate all that we heard into the draft we prepare, but do not have resolution at this time as to how each suggestion will be addressed.

We did receive requests for further information on the revision process. Here are some details that we are able to share at this time:

  • AEP in collaboration with the AER, will be reviewing in further detail the feedback submitted.

  • Comments and suggestions will be used to draft a revised CEMS Code. Once a draft is complete, it will be posted for stakeholder review and comment (a 60-day review period), via the Air Monitoring Directive website.

  • Communication to stakeholders will be via the AMD email distribution list and the CEMS Users email distribution list.Information on how to join those lists is provided below.

  • We are not able to confirm when a draft will be available for review, however we are aiming to have revision team work completed by the end of calendar year 2017. The date for completion of the final revised Code will depend on when the draft is posted and what feedback is received on the draft.

  • A “coming into force” date has not yet been decided, however that will be part of the draft posted for review.

Those interested to receive updates on this work can sign up for one of the following email distribution lists:

AMD Feedback email distribution list available from: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation/air-monitoring-directive/default.aspx

CEMS Users email distribution list available from: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/reports-data/continuous-emissions-monitoring/default.aspx

Thank you again for your participation. Please let us know if you have questions.

If you have any questions regarding the 1998 CEMS Code or the Air Monitoring Directive, please contact Mike Denomme.

Alberta AMD Webinar - Friday July 21, 2017

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Alberta Environment and Parks Air Policy Division is hosting an Air Monitoring Directive (AMD) information webcast, scheduled for Friday, July 21st between 10:30 – 11:30 AM.

The webcast is being provided via Zoom. It will be recorded and posted to the AMD website for those who are unable to attend.  If participants have questions after the broadcast they can be emailed to AMDFeedback@gov.ab.ca at any time.

To register for the webcast:

After registering, participants will receive a confirmation email which will provide a link to the live event. It is recommended participants use this link to test the connection and download the Zoom plug-in, if required.  It also recommended that participants register early.

This webcast will be presented in a similar format to previous webcasts – via live stream. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback by typing in the Q&A box.

The webcast agenda is as follows:

1. AMD Reporting Chapter Reminder - AMD Chapter 9 was released on July 29th, 2016 and will come into effect January 1st, 2019. A brief reminder on the AMD Reporting Chapter requirements for Annual Emissions Inventories and Annual Emissions Inventory Reports will be provided.

2. Draft Annual Emissions Inventory Report Standard and Guidance Document (AEIR Standard) - The AEIR Standard is mainly a technical guidance document on how to carry out the required inventory and complete the Annual Emissions Inventory Report Form.  It provides overall guidance and step-by-step instructions on the various tasks necessary to meet the reporting requirements. The content of the draft AEIR Standard will be briefly covered as well.

3. Draft Annual Emissions Inventory Report Form (AEIR Form) - The AEIR Form is the form that industrial facilities (meeting the reporting thresholds) will be required to complete. The form is a Microsoft Excel workbook containing several worksheets with mandatory and optional fields to fill in.  The various worksheets and the requirements of the AEIR Form will be discussed.

4. Public Review - The Draft AEIR Form and Draft AEIR Standard will be posted on the AMD website for 60-day public review following the webcast. Comments are to be submitted by September 22, 2017.

5. Q & A - Approximately 15 minutes at the end of the webcast have been allotted for answering questions submitted during the webcast.

Questions and feedback received during the webcast will be compiled and posted, along with the responses, to the AMD website.

Links to past webcasts can be located at: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation/air-monitoring-directive/default.aspx.

Please note that some past webcast recordings are no longer accessible for streaming.

If you have any questions regarding the Alberta AMD, please contact Mike Denomme.

Alberta Air Monitoring Directive Website Update & Chapter 9 Draft Reporting Forms Posted For Review

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The following updates were made to the AMD website on December 16, 2016:

1.  Chapter 9 draft reporting forms have been posted for stakeholder review.  Please provide your feedback by March 3, 2017. The forms can be downloaded from the AMD Public Review webpage.

  • Please try out the forms, enter data, etc. Please inform the Air Monitoring Directive - Feedback department if you run into any problems or if any form fields are unclear.
  • The forms are all referenced in AMD Chapter 9 (clause references are provided on the top of each form).
  • Comments from previous reviews as well as feedback from the Reporting Forms Task Team have been incorporated.
  • Some forms have an example tab to provide additional details in regards to requirements.
  • The forms are laid out and formatted how the final versions will be. This will be the final review for the reporting forms.
  • You will notice that the Annual Emissions Inventory Report Form is not available. This form as well as the Annual Emissions Inventory Report Standard and Guidance Document are being drafted currently and will be posted for stakeholder review (planned for Spring-Summer 2017).

2.  All nine AMD Chapters have been re-released. For most chapters, the only change is to the title page. Chapter 1 has had more substantial changes to it. No new requirements have been added.

  • A reference to the 1989 AMD has been added to each chapter to make it clear that the 2016 version of the AMD is an amendment to the 1989 AMD. This mirrors the reference to the AMD in current industrial approvals. Approvals do not need to be amended at this time. Approval holders who are required to follow the AMD 1989, as amended, must now follow the 2016 AMD. Note that since Chapter 4 and Chapter 9 are not yet in effect, 1989 AMD and 2006 AMD requirements are still in effect in the interim.
  • Each chapter has a section titled “Amendments” which lists any changes made to the chapter since it was released. Chapters 1 and 7 had amendments beyond the title page.
  • The correlation table that was on the AMD website has now been moved within Chapter 1 as an appendix. This provides a reference between the 1989 AMD, 2006 amendment, and 2016 AMD to show the dates when new requirements take effect. It shows the progression of AMD amendments.
  • A brief guidance document has been added to the AMD Toolbox webpage (under the Calibration heading), providing an example procedure for measuring flow during monthly multi-point calibration of ambient analyzers. A reference to this document has been added to AMD Chapter 7.

3.  The AMD Feedback email address has changed. The new address is AMDFeedback@gov.ab.ca. Please use this new address to contact the department with questions and for submitting feedback and comments on the AMD. The AMD Chapters and website have been updated to reflect this change.

4.  The AMD FAQs webpage has been updated. This is a helpful resource if you have questions or if you’d like a broad overview of the AMD revision.

AEP continues to work on:

  • The Annual Emissions Inventory Report Form and the Annual Emissions Inventory Report Standard and Guidance Document. The email distribution list will be used to notify stakeholders when these are posted for review - you can be added to the distribution list here: http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation/air-monitoring-directive/air-monitoring-directive-mailing-list.aspx.
  • Ambient data submission guidance documents (for real-time ambient data submission and monthly submission to the Ambient Air Quality Data Warehouse). These will be posted for stakeholder review.
  • Sample monthly and annual reports to be used for reference. These will be posted to the AMD Toolbox website once complete.

For more information in regards to the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive, please contact Mike Denomme.

Alberta Air Monitoring Directive Update

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Alberta Air Monitoring Directive Update August 2016Alberta’s Air Monitoring Directive (AMD) sets out the requirements for monitoring and reporting air quality in the province of Alberta.  As of August 3, 2016, all 9 Chapters of the AMD have been recently amended.  Copies of the most current versions can be located at http://aep.alberta.ca/air/legislation/air-monitoring-directive/default.aspx.

A brief overview of the recent amendments include:

  • Immediate reporting of an Ambient Air Quality Objective exceedance and any issues with monitoring equipment performance.
  • New requirements for providing monitoring data during an emergency event, if requested by the Director.
  • New requirement to modernize emissions reporting requirements and reflect modern day emissions and related data requirements for Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and associated agencies.
  • Annual emissions inventory report is required if thresholds are met.
  • Submission of emissions inventory data and summarization of source reporting via Excel forms are required (forms will be available through the AMD Toolbox).
  • Updates to the Stack Survey Report requirements from the 1989 AMD and added requirements for RATA and CGA reports.

Information pertaining to the AMD can be located here.  Documents providing an overview of the changes to Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 9: Reporting, in addition to a correlation matrix defining the changes between the 1989 and 2016 AMD are provided for you below.

Alberta AMD Chapter 1 Overview of Changes - July 29, 2016 Alberta AMD Chapter 1 Overview of Changes - July 29, 2016 (189 KB)

Alberta AMD Chapter 9 Overview of Changes - July 29, 2016 Alberta AMD Chapter 9 Overview of Changes - July 29, 2016 (187 KB)

Alberta AMD Correlation Table July 29, 2016 Alberta AMD Correlation Table July 29, 2016 (242 KB)

For more information in regards to Alberta's AMD, please contact Michael Denomme.