Proposed Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Marine Provisions)

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TDGR Marine Proposed AmendmentsA proposal to amend the TDG Regulation was published in the Canada Gazette Part I on April 1, 2017. The proposed amendments to the TDG seek to update marine requirements to align with those in the Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations (CFTR) and the 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and to reduce duplication. The objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  • Update the marine provisions in the TDG Regulations to reflect the terminology and definitions used in the current version of the CSA 2001 and in regulations that are made under the authority of the CSA 2001;
  • Update certain marine requirements to align with those in the CFTR and the 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and reduce duplication;
  • Eliminate discrepancies between the definitions of short-run ferry in the TDG Regulations and in the CFTR and amend the exemption for short-run ferries in the TDG Regulations to provide clarity around the provisions from which it grants exemption;
  • Allow the transport of gasoline and propane in highway tanks on passenger carrying ferries operating over the most direct water route between two points not more than 5 km apart under certain conditions; and
  • Allow the transport of UN3156, COMPRESSED GAS, OXIDIZING, N.O.S. in quantities up to 25 L on passenger carrying vessels.

Full details of the proposed regulations can be obtained from the Canada Gazette at:

http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/index-eng.html - Saturday, April 1, 2017, Vol. 151, No. 13

Interested persons may provide comments on the proposed Regulations within 30 days after the date of publication of this notice (by May 1). All such representations must be in writing and cite the Canada Gazette, Part I, and the date of publication of this notice, and be sent to:

Geneviève Sansoucy, Chief

Regulatory Affairs Branch, Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate, Department of Transport

Place de Ville, Tower C, 9th Floor, 330 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5

tel.: 613-990-5766; fax: 613-993-5925

email: TDGRegulatoryProposal-TMDPropositionReglementaire@tc.gc.ca

For more information on the TDG Regulation, please contact Mark Roehler.