MSAPR Part 1 Classification Clarifications for June Reporting Deadline

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On May 30, 2017, clarification in regards to classification reporting for the June 17, 2017 reporting deadline for MSAPR Part 1 was released.

  • ECCC has received questions on the timelines associated with submitting a classification report by classifying equipment using the provisions 34(1)(b)(iii), 34(1)(b)(iv) and 34(1)(b)(v). To clarify, equipment classified using provisions 34(1)(b)(iii), 34(1)(b)(iv) and 34(1)(b)(v) have 18 months as set out in 41(1)(a) to submit their classification report given that they are relying on the determination given by a CEMS or stack test. It is important to note that the reference period for testing is 12 months.

  • If you are unable to obtain the equipment serial number, please indicate “Unable to obtain, see comments below” in the Serial Number field of the MSAPR Online Reporting Tool. Then, provide your justification on why you were unable to obtain the serial number in the Additional Comments field.

  • If you are unable to obtain the complete equipment commissioning date, please indicate “January 1st” the commissioning year of your equipment and provide your justification in the Additional Comments field.

For additional information or clarification, the Combustion Unit with Environment and Climate Change Canada can be reached at ec.combustion.ec@canada.ca.

For more information on the MSAPR, please contact Pete Pakalnis.