MOECC Adopts Updated Air Dispersion Models for Ontario Regulation 419/05

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MOECC Air Dispersion Model UpdatesOn November 2, 2015, the MOECC published the notification of the adoption of updated approved air dispersion models under O.Reg.419/05 to the EBR (Registry # 012-5177).  The use of these updated air dispersion models is effective immediately.

The MOECC has replaced existing approved modeling versions under O. Reg. 419/05 as follows:

1.    AERMOD dispersion model version 14134 (version date May 14, 2014) used in conjunction with AERMET meteorological pre-processor version 14134 (version date May 14, 2014)

REPLACES - AERMOD dispersion model (version 07026) used in conjunction with the AERMET meteorological preprocessor (version 06341).

2.    ASHRAE method of calculation described in Chapter 45 (Building Air Intake and Exhaust Design) of the 2011 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Applications.

REPLACES  - the method of calculation for same structure contamination described in Chapter 44 (Building Air Intake and Exhaust Design) of the 2007 ASHRAE Handbook — HVAC Applications, published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

To view the full EBR posting of these updates, please click here.

For more information on how these updates may impact your facility, please contact Penny McInnis.