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Penny McInnis is an Environmental Engineer with over fifteen years of experience in environmental consulting, advanced dispersion modeling and project management. The projects Penny has managed and conducted include regional air quality studies, emission inventory development, industrial air dispersion modeling studies, industrial site assessments, site remediation, environmental audits, permit applications and facilitation of the approval process (Ontario & Alberta). Penny is the Technical Lead for Air Dispersion Modeling at LEHDER.

Project Experience

Environmental Compliance Approvals, Licenses and Permits

Mrs. McInnis has prepared applications for Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) for dozens of manufacturing facilities in Southern Ontario. Preparation of the applications involved:

  • Development of strategic approaches to address future operational flexibility.
  • Preparation of emission estimates using emission factors, mass balance and other methodologies to estimate emissions.
  • Conducting air dispersion modelling of contaminants.
  • Co-ordination of Acoustic Assessments.
  • Negotiations with MOECC to ensure appropriate terms and conditions are in the ECA.

Projects have included:

  • Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling Reports for multiple petrochemical facilities in Ontario.
  • ECA Amendment applications for several co-generation power facilities including compliance solution development.
  • Basic Comprehensive ECA application for rail tank car maintenance and cleaning facilities.
  • Basic Comprehensive ECA application for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and QA/QC laboratory.
  • Basic Comprehensive ECA application for a recycling and aggregate facility.
  • Basic Comprehensive ECA application for a large chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Basic Comprehensive ECA application for the expansion of a large hydrocarbon storage and distribution facility

Air Dispersion Modelling

Mrs. McInnis has developed and implemented methodologies to assist local facilities in assessing upset and/or incident situations for compliance with O. Reg. 419 using advanced dispersion modeling. These time-sensitive projects have involved:

  • development of non-regulatory modeling approaches which have been accepted by the MOE.
  • development of user-defined meteorological input files for processing with AERMET.
  • development of hour-by-hour modeling input files for sources with changing parameters and emission rates.
  • application of modeling and meteorological knowledge in the preparation of regulatory reports and explanation of results.

In addition to project work, she has developed internal modeling manuals, workflow systems, database and Excel-based systems to link the LEHDER “LEIMS” data management system to the modeling software. Ms. McInnis has trained the LEHDER air dispersion modeling team and provides them with continual professional development opportunities.

Mrs. McInnis has performed air dispersion modeling studies using regulatory models including ISCST3, SCREEN3, AERMOD, and the original Ontario regulatory air model Run308. Many of these studies have required the development and assessment of potential solution options to maintain or achieve compliance with continually changing regulatory standards. Facilities assessed include:

  • Petrochemical
  • Paint manufacturing
  • Recycling and aggregate
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • PVC product manufacturing
  • Co-generation power producers
  • Automotive parts manufacturing
  • Rail tank car maintenance and cleaning operations
  • Pharmaceutical and lab facilities

Emission Inventories

Mrs. McInnis has prepared Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling Reports to support ECA applications and prepared emission estimates and reports for NPRI and O. Reg. 127.
Some of her clients include:

  • Multiple refineries in Ontario
  • Glass fiber insulation manufacturing facilities in Ontario and Alberta
  • Steel Mini Mill based in Cambridge, Ontario
  • Custom Printing facility in London, Ontario
  • University in Waterloo, Ontario
  • Large chemical facilities located in Corunna, Ontario
  • PVC product manufacturing in London, Ontario
  • Rail tank car cleaning operations in Corunna, Ontario
  • Multiple Co-generation power operations in Ontario
  • Power plant operations in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Automotive parts manufacturing facility in St. Thomas, Ontario
  • Hydrocarbon storage and distribution facility in Corunna, Ontario

Property Liability Management

  • Site investigation and remediation.
  • Conducted numerous Phase 1 investigations for real estate transactions and due diligence programs.
  • Conducted and managed Phase 2 investigations and Phase 3 management plans for large Ontario industrial sites. Concerns included phenols, metals, PAHs, DNAPLs, petroleum hydrocarbons and solvents.

Extensive programs undertaken include the following:

  • Auto Dealership with autobody maintenance shop.
  • Coated cable manufacturing site with historic spills.
  • Manufacturing site with onsite disposal of waste materials including metals and organics.

Stormwater Monitoring & Management

  • Developed and managed numerous storm water monitoring programs, including scope, sampling methodologies, data evaluation and reporting.
  • Developed a pollution prevention plan (P2 Plan) for an industrial facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including monitoring programs, data interpretation, solution development, and plan updates.

Environmental Management and Compliance Systems

Conducted numerous environmental and due diligence audits throughout Ontario and Alberta, including:

  • Swan Hills Disposal Facility in Alberta (for PCB destruction).
  • Landfill sites.
  • Recycling facilities and transfer stations.

Environmental Management Systems

  • Implemented an electronic environmental management system for Industrial Environmental Managers to assist facilities in maintaining compliance throughout personnel changes.

Education and Professional Memberships

B.Sc. Environmental Engineering, University of Guelph, 1997
Member, Professional Engineers of Ontario
Member, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Member of Air and Waste Management Association
Professional Engineer in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

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Tel: 519-336-4101 ext. 245