Mark Roehler Principal Emeritus

Mark Roehler has over thirty years of experience in environmental management and chemical research and development. The projects he has managed and conducted include environmental stewardship, industrial site assessments, source emission surveys, personal and area exposure sampling, environmental audits, WHMIS, Material Safety Data Sheets and transportation regulations for dangerous goods and wastes.

Mr. Roehler has developed and taught environmental courses at the request of Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario and the Centre for Health Environment & Safety (CHES), formerly the Environmental Management Resource Centre for Business (EMRCB) in London, Ontario, in the following disciplines: TDG, Dangerous Goods air regulations, waste generation and transportation (O. Reg. 347) and environmental auditing.  Mr. Roehler is a Certified Online Training Professional.

Project Experience

Air Quality Management

Source Sampling:

  • Project manager for source emission surveys conducted at manufacturing facilities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Indoor Air Quality:

  • Project manager for obtaining area and personal exposure samples for Ontario-based manufacturing facilities.

Hazardous Materials Management

Transportation of Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods):

  • Conducted legislated, site-specific training in TDG, 49CFR, IATA and IMDG.
  • Developed HAZMAT Awareness training package complete with Instructor's guide, lesson plan, Instructor's manual, training materials, overheads and sample scenario specific to our client's marine needs.
  • Coordinated and headed a corporate TDG task team for a North American manufacturing corporation. This included regulatory interpretations and regular seminars to keep all facility coordinators trained and aware of their responsibilities when transporting dangerous goods.
  • Implemented a management system for a U.S. company to ensure all products are shipped in accordance with 49CFR and the IMDG code.
  • Developed a computerized system which illustrates labeling and documentation requirements for road, marine and air shipments of dangerous goods.

Waste Regulations:

  • Provided hazardous waste site-specific training for manufacturing facilities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Also assisted facilities in the proper classification of their waste streams and the necessary shipping information for disposal.
  • Project manager for the disposal of laboratory chemicals by lab packing and arranging for disposal of the chemicals with a licensed disposal company.


  • Conducted site-specific WHMIS training.
  • Conducted Globally Harmonized System (GHS) training seminars describing how this new standard will impact North American, European and Asian countries with their consumer/workplace legislation.
  • Assisted Ontario and Quebec manufacturing facilities with updating their supplier MSDS files and implementing an MSDS maintenance program.
  • Project Manager for the authoring of MSDSs for clients of products destined for North America and Europe.

Environmental Management and Compliance Systems

Environmental Audits:

  • Implemented corporate regulatory compliance audit program for TDG, waste and water at manufacturing facilities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Conducted third-party environmental audits on carriers and disposal facilities for Alberta, Ontario and Quebec manufacturing facilities.
  • Conducted internal audit for Ontario manufacturing facility to meet ISO 14000 requirements.

New Substance Notification Regulation:

  • Responsible for coordinating all new substance notifications for seven Canadian facilities.

Environmental Policies and Procedures:

  • Participated in re-engineering a material approval procedure for a North American manufacturing corporation to include an environmental assessment of all new materials.

Education and Professional Memberships

Chemical Engineering Technology, St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, 1979
Member - Ontario Association of Certified Technologists and Technicians
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems Internal Auditor
Certified Online Training Professional - International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals, 2017

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