Des Hayles Principal

Mr. Hayles is a professional engineer with over twenty years of experience in environmental engineering and IT technology. He has managed environmental projects in several areas including: site remediation, process development for pollution control equipment design and construction, environmental compliance audits, site and facility audits for acquisition and divestiture due diligence programs, development of environmental management systems and permit development for operations in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. His background includes experience in the automotive industry as a process engineer and in a chemical research and development facility and IT Management for LEHDER.

Project Experience

Permit and Environmental Compliance Approvals

Preparing Permits and Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) for facility operations in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, including negotiation of conditions of approval:

  • Successfully obtained Approvals for facilities to allow for flexibility in operations.
  • Obtained ECA for water discharge resulting in savings of over $300,000.
  • Obtained Certificate of Authorization for large manufacturing facility in Quebec covering process and site approvals.
  • Developed, submitted and obtained ECA for manufacturing processes including thermal incinerators, scrubbers and cyclones.

Waste Management

Responsible for waste management in project management duties for site remediation, demolition operations and facility operations:

  • Developed and implemented hazardous waste handling and disposal procedures for large manufacturing facility.
  • Established PCB material handling and storage for corporate sites in Canada including construction of storage facilities, agency notifications and transfers of materials.
  • Coordinated waste disposal from demolition of manufacturing facilities in British Columbia and Ontario.

Air Quality

Conducted process development and troubleshooting for pollution control equipment, including:

  • Revised counterflow scrubber design to reduce waste generation for cost savings of over $30,000 per year.
  • Equipment design and revisions for scrubbers and cyclones for particulate reduction in high volume air flow equipment.
  • Responsible for development of CFC recovery system for blown foam operation.
  • Experience with Ontario and U.S. EPA dispersion modelling programs to determine compliance with regulatory limits for emissions.
  • Completed source emission inventories for dispersion modelling and ECA applications.

Project Management

Various project management responsibilities, including:

  • Successfully managed environmental operations for site remediation and demolition to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines.
  • Several underground storage tank removal projects including soil removal for disposal. The activities included program development and negotiating with agencies during and after remediation.
  • Air pollution control equipment design and installation start-up.
  • Heat Pump design and prototype construction coordinator.
  • Managed work force of 30 people in manufacturing facility.
  • Design of product handling equipment for manufacturing facilities across Canada.
  • Designed and implemented interfaces for computers and data collection equipment.
  • Responsible for electrostatic painting operations and quality program in automotive facility.
  • Developed Environmental Management System and strategies for implementation at manufacturing sites.

Environmental Audits and Site Remediation

  • Conducted many environmental compliance audits in manufacturing facilities and as a third party auditor in waste handling and disposal facilities covering all media.
  • Numerous site investigations in inorganic chemical facilities for acquisition and divestiture due diligence programs. These activities included identifying significant liability issues for properties and regulatory compliance issues in processes.
  • Developed and recommended solutions for compliance issues.
  • Development of strategies and approaches to site investigations property evaluations.

Software Development

  • Designed, implemented and managed corporate LAN.
  • Designed and developed database management systems for Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Responsible for installation and management of Lotus Notes system for environmental management system.

Past Experience

  • Senior Project Engineer, Canadian Environmental Affairs, Fiberglas Canada Inc.
  • Process Engineer, Innovative Technology Department, Fiberglas Canada Inc.
  • Project Engineer, Leanflow Metal Products

Education and Professional memberships

B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 1986
Member of Professional Engineers of Ontario
Member of the Water Environment Federation

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Tel: 519-336-4101 ext. 223