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Too Much Data?
Getting More from your EHS Data
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Industrial facilities today are faced with the challenge of collecting, storing, managing and evaluating an immense amount of environmental, health and safety data.  
LEHDER often sees the following common problems that Environmental Health and Safety managers have with data:
Not getting enough value out of the data

Spending more time organizing and finding data than analyzing it

Length of time it takes to reinterpret a data set after new data is collected

No big picture of site conditions

In simpler terms the Data Problem is:
Too much DATA but not enough INFORMATION

LEIMS, LEHDER EHS Information Management Services, can assist facility personnel in managing their facility's EHS data and turn it into information which is useful in decision making.  Typical data problems include unintegrated, duplicated, compartmentalized data.

The LEIMS Solution creates a consolidated custom data management system which is easy to maintain and update which includes the following:

Review all existing Environmental Compliance Approvals, documents, applications and source inventory

Extract data from your current storage system into LEIMS

Design custom data queries, reports and graphical outputs


We feel that the EHS manager needs LEIMS when:

A site has many data sources such as stacks, monitoring wells,
IH surveys etc.

Many sites allowing standardization of report format, calculations, emission factors etc.

Long term monitoring programs such as groundwater or industrial hygiene

Annual reporting requirements such as NPRI, TRI

Source and Emission Inventories

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