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Designated Substance Surveys
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Did you know that in Southwestern Ontario the Ministry of Labour has issued STOP work orders to several projects because a “Designated Substance Assessment” was not provided to the constructor? Without the Designated Substance Assessment the correct precautions to protect workers performing the demolition/renovation were not in place, which resulted in the following delays:

  • Strip mall renovation, project delayed two months
  • New auto dealership, project delayed two weeks
  • Commercial building renovation, project delayed three months
  • Car wash renovation, project delayed one month

Protect Your Workers, Protect Your Schedule and Protect Your Investment!

The main purpose of the Occupational Health & Safety Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job. Under Section 30 of the Act, it is the responsibility of the project “owner” to perform an assessment to determine whether any designated substances are present at the project site and to prepare a list of substances that are present, before beginning a project.

Substances of Concern:

Asbestos – building and pipe insulation, fabricated materials such as gaskets and floor tiles, wall panels (transite) and joint compounds

Lead – found in piping and paints

Silica – building materials such as bricks, blocks and mortar

Mercury – lighting ballast, switches and thermostats

What is the impact?

  • Delays = Increased Cost
  • Injury/Illness = Increased Compensation Cost and Claims
  • On-the-spot offences notices, e.g. fines and/or tickets
  • Lost productivity due to absenteeism

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How can LEHDER Assist?

LEHDER personnel would be pleased to assist with issues in regard to OHSA Section 30 requirements, such as:

  • Conduct a designated substance assessment to determine if any substances, such as asbestos, lead, silica, mercury, etc. are present at the construction site.
  • Conduct hazardous building materials assessment, e.g.
    PCB’s, mould, man-made vitreous fiber (MMVF), hexavalent chromium
  • Phase I or II Environmental Site Assessments.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Linda Raes (519) 336-4101, ext. 252 lraes@lehder.com
Brian Goodman (519) 336-4101, ext. 229 bgoodman@lehder.com

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